Dr. Dima Ali speaks to physicians and practice managers in Baltimore, MD

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Dr. Dima Ali speaks to physicians and practice managers in Baltimore, MD



Reston, VA December 7, 2011:  Dr. Dima Ali (WellMedica Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine, Reston, VA) speaks to physicians and practice managers about how Artefill brings value to patients and provides long lasting permanent results.  Artefill® is a permanent injectable implant manufactured by Suneva Medical in San Diego, CA.  Suneva is a medical technology company focused on developing, manufacturing and commercializing novel, differentiated aesthetic products for the dermatology, plastic and cosmetic surgery markets. The Company’s long-lasting injectable product is marketed as Artefill® in the U.S. to correct facial wrinkles.  Among the other speakers were Kate Gilbert, VP Marketing for Suneva Medical, Doug Abel, Executive VP for Suneva Medical and Joel Joel Nunnelly, Medical Consulting Group, LLC, Owner.

Dr. Dima is a leading expert in minimally invasive cosmetic procedures and recognized as a leading facial filler expert.




About WellMedica Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine

WellMedica is committed to the individual, empowering you to look and feel better about yourself through an array of medically directed procedures in a nurturing and soothing environment. Offering a diversity of treatments and services, WellMedica is dedicated to providing you with the latest technologies available today.


Dr. Dima Ali, President and founder of WellMedica, combines artistry with medicine and a deep commitment to your satisfaction. She concentrates exclusively on nonsurgical procedures to enhance, shape and improve the face and body. Dr. Ali believes that looking good should be pleasurable and affordable. We invite you to discover the many opportunities available to you.





Newest alternative to Botox and Dysport is here

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The introduction of Botox by Allergan in the 1990’s proved to be a paradigm shift in cosmetic surgery as it was a safe and easy treatment that worked and had no previous type of treatment.  Obviously Botox was the first and still the
most popular neurotoxin (now called neuromodulator) with millions of treatments all over the world.  Like any industry, progress introduces competition and several years ago Medicis introduced their product Dysport which although not exactly the same drug as Botox, has the same results.  Dysport has caught on and is a popular option for some patients that prefer it to Botox for various reasons, one of them being it is a little less expensive.

Xeomin is the third neuromodulator to be FDA approved in this country and will represent yet another option for patients seeking improvement of facial wrinkles.  Xeomin has been used around the world for safe and effective treatment of facial wrinkles since 1995. Although all these products are technically known as botulinum toxin A, they all have slightly different chemical structures.  Xeomin is the first neuromodulator that is processed in a manner to eliminate a part of the molecule known as the accessory protein coat.  It is this protein that contributes to allergic reactions.  Users of Xeomin can expect the same results as Botox or Dysport although the initial price will probably be less.  Otherwise the products are administered the same and have the same results that last the same amount of time.  The number of units injected with Xeomin is compatible with Botox injections.

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Venus Freeze is finally here at WellMedica

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