Halloween Skincare Tips

Halloween Skincare Tips and Tricks
Who doesn’t love Halloween? It’s the one day of the year where you can let your hair down, be someone else for an entire night and of course eat lots of delicious candy. But that one day of fun can take a real toll on your skin as inexpensive make-up and sugar can aggravate acne, wrinkles, and rashes.

Before you apply that smoky black eye make-up or dip your hand in the candy bowl check out our tips and tricks to protect your skin this Halloween.

Buy Quality Make-Up: We know it’s hard to justify paying up for quality make-up for a costume you may wear once. But the least expensive make-up may contain ingredients that will clog your pores. Consider using a brand name or an organic face paint kit. These will allow your skin to breathe through your makeup and will not suffocate your pores.

Prep Your Skin: Thoroughly moisturize your skin before you apply make-up. It will help your face stay fresh and hydrated, but it will also give your costume makeup a more finished look. Dr.Dima’s skincare line, Cosminology, which is medically formulated to enrich the skin and will do the trick to help easily apply your make-up.

Remove All Your Make-Up Before Bed: No matter how exhausted you are you need to properly wash your face before you go to bed. We tend to wear much more make-up on Halloween and if it’s left on too long it can clog your pores and can cause a break-out the next day. Leave all of your face wash products out on the counter before you leave for the night it will help you remember after a long night out.

Go For the Dark Chocolate: It’s hard to resist at least a few pieces of candy on Halloween and we are happy to report that there are some skin-friendly options out there. Go for the dark chocolate pieces especially ones with nuts as they give you some protein. These are better than jelly candies or even milk chocolate which is higher in sugar, contains dairy and been linked to acne.

We hope you end Halloween this year with beautiful skin. Also don’t forget the holidays are not too far off. If you are thinking about getting a toxin or a long-term filler like Artefill, now is the time to book your appointment! Call us at 703-787-9866!


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