Dr. Dima’s Concealer review as seen on Cherry Colors

Concealers by cherry colors cropToday I will be reviewing two products by Dr. Dima’s Cosminology.

One is a color corrector AstroGuise and the other is a concealer/corrector AstroBeach. Both are used for undereye circles, but can also be used on the face to hide and correct blemishes or discolorations or for contouring. They have wonderful names:
Kharmic Khameleon AstroKoncealer “hide your dirty lil’imperfections” AstroGuise and Kharmic KhameleonAstro Koncealer “hide your dirty lil’imperfections” AstroBeach.

I have tried lots of correctors for eye circles, most of were are too light, so they offered no coverage at all. After actually giving up on them, I got these two concealers to try, and see if they could work for me.

Said that, I must say I was a little sceptical at first, because on their site they have the most amazing picture ever! It’s of a woman’s eyes; one is bare so you can see her under eyes circles, and on the other side the corrector has been used, and it looks absolutely great!

And you know what? They did work for me.

The correctors come in a nice classy package, with as much as 8g of product!

You know how much is that? That’s so much product, that it will take you lots of time to use it up. And when I say lots, I mean lots, because with them, a tiny amount of products goes a long long way.

I have them in two colors, AstroGuise and AstroBeach.

AstroBeach is meant for light to medium complexions, and it works perfectly on my skin.
AstroGuise can be used by anyone, because it neutralizes color, dark spots, and so on.

The correctors are quite thick, really opaque, but they are easy to blend on the skin. That’s one of the reason, why you don’t need to use lots of the products, to get full coverage.

The correctors have a sponge applicator, which makes them really easy to use on the go:

AstroGuise & AstroBeach do:
*Provide natural sunscreen activity
*Lighten dark areas
*Evens out skin tone
*Erases spots

First, let me show you my under eye circles in all their glory. Now, some of you may say that mine are just too small or not relevant enough, to call them eye circles. But let me prove you wrong. They are always there, they never go away, and I cannot stand the sight of them, because they make me look sick. It’s like a dark shadow that’s constantly there… So yes, they are eye circles.

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