A Universally Clean Giveaway as seen on Slice of Lemon


photo courtesy of Sabrina Enayatulla

There are three things in this world that make a woman feel beautiful: Good skin, good skin, and good skin.
Now I’m sure many of you have your own items to add to that list — a great hair day, firm abs, cute shoes — and you’re right. You’re all right. But for today, and for the purpose of this post, we’re going to take my three, and run.

A few years ago, I discovered the “So Universally Clean You Can Eat Off My Face” face wash by Cosminology (which I blogged about here) and I fell in love. I’ve had sensitive skin since I was a kid, and this stuff has natural ingredients like water and lavender oil that leaves your skin feeling clean, fresh, and perfectly balanced — it also relieves my face of those red spots that I sometimes wake up with.
An extra bonus is that these products are never tested on animals. Love that.

Because the wonderful folks over at Cosminology know how much I want to share what I love with the world, they’re giving away five of their “So Universally Clean You Can Eat Off My Face” face washes.
Don’t you just love it when people want to share their beauty secrets with the world?

To preempt any questions about writing reviews in exchange for money, that’s not how this site works, nor is it how this site will ever work. When it comes to products featured in the Love Style section, I only write about stuff that I have used, and that I love. If I wouldn’t wear it, eat it, or use it, you can be sure that it will NEVER be on any of the Slice pages.

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~ by WellMedica on November 11, 2009.

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