I love my Latisse Lashes!!

by Lety Soto CMA

pic for latisse advert verticle large blackI was very excited to hear that Allergan (makers of Botox and Juvederm) was coming out with Lattisse a solution to grow eyelashes thicker, darker and longer.  I am fortunate to have been born with long eyelashes and I was very proud of them but I always wished they were THICKER, so when Dr. Dima started prescribing Latisse I was the first on board even though everyone said “But you already have long eyelashes.”  Yeah well, Latisse makes lashes thicker and darker too; I wanted my lashes so thick it would be hard for me to open my eyes. J/K, but not really.

I started applying Latisse to my eyelashes on March 16th. I swear my lashes looked darker the next day (but maybe that was all in my head).  I diligently applied Latisse to a clean eyelid every morning just like Dr. Dima recommends; after it dried I applied my eye make-up as usual including my mascara. According to Latisse.com most people start to see a difference at 8 weeks with full results at 16 weeks resulting in lashes that are 25% longer, 106% fuller and 18% darker.  I really noticed a difference after about 3 weeks, they seemed longer when I was applying my mascara. Everyone is different but the majority of our patients have commented that they saw a noticeable difference at about 3 weeks too, stating “This stuff really works, look at my lashes they are longer!

Throughout the clinical trials some users experienced itchy eyes and eye redness.  Many users found these irritations went away as they became used to the solution or began using it properly.  A little goes a long way, if you use too much your eye will get irritated. I noticed one or two days of eye redness but that quickly resolved.

Lety 12 week latisse Lighting Fix As you can see from my un-retouched pictures this stuff really works! I don’t feel like I have to use mascara anymore, I am just amazed at the fullness and really do love the look of my Latisse lashes and the best part is you can grow them and still use mascara. It was really easy to incorporate the daily application into my normal routine I’ve been using Latisse for 13 weeks, and after the full 16 weeks I will only need to apply 2-3 times per week for maintenance.

Latisse is the only FDA approved solution for eyelash growth and has to be prescribed by a physician so buyers beware.  If you can’t come in and see Dr. Dima for your Latisse you can go to Latisse.com to find a physician near you.

We have put together an educational video for Latisse with some great before and after photos. Hope you like it.

screen shot tutorial

Latisse Tutorial-click here to watch

What is it, how do you use it and does it really work? Yes, it does!!!


screen shot applicationLatisse Application Video– click here to watch

Live latisse application followed by Dr. Dima’s Minacles Mineral Coverage.


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10 Responses to “I love my Latisse Lashes!!”

  1. this is amazing dr. dima.

  2. I am a consumer of all things beauty and have worked in the cosmetics industry for quite some time. I have been using Revitalash since it came out a couple years ago and have been very happy with my results. I can actually see a difference. I wanted to let other know that I have not experienced any of the side effects stated by latisse (although anything is possible) and the cost is much more reasonable. Not to mention it can be purchased through your salon/spa because it is strictly a cosmetic!!

  3. Angelica, I just purchased Revitalash and have used it twice. I’m so excited for my lashes to grow. I bought it from my facialist who has the most superb eyelashes. Hers are so long, they hit her brow bone. Glad to hear you’ve had a good experience with the product. I found it more affordable than a lot of the other lash conditioners out there…

  4. […] they barely fit under my sunglasses and they became heavy when wet, be careful what you wish for “I want them so thick it will be hard for me to open my eyes” well I got […]

  5. Thanks for this great post!
    There are many eyelash growth products available such as lilash, Revitalash and Talika but latisse is the only product that was approved by FDA. You need a doctor’s prescription for latisse but I think it is worth the time and money.

  6. hello im leonardo , and i live in barcelona spain…
    how i gona get my eyelashes….
    thanks leo

  7. Leonardo,

    I am not sure if you can get Latisse from Spain but I am sure you can get generic latisse or other eyelash growth products like lilash or talika online.

  8. how i can buy latisse for myself? I live in FInland

  9. anyone, I need your tips and suggestions. I really got problems on how to with my eyelashes. I’ve found out on my research the Revitalash and Lattise are good. It seems I’m going for revitalash because it’s cheaper. any tips girls?

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